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Is It Sensible To Rent A Self Storage Unit

In the past decade, self-storage companies are making their way into the market. The number of such type of services has increased at a faster pace. The reason being, a lot of people prefer storing their belongings in a storage unit than stuffing it down in the basement or garage. People often face storage problems while shifting to a new place or maybe shifting to a new smaller home or perhaps while they are on a holiday, de-cluttering, renovating etc., the reasons might be endless. This is when they feel renting a self storage unit is the best option. However, everything comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages; here are a few of them.


  • Self storage units keep the items safe as it comes with climate control features.
  • The goods are safe and secured as it is equipped with computerized access control system.
  • A customer is free to store any types of goods.
  • The rental charges are low and it is properly maintained.
  • The customers can access their rented storage unit any time they wish to.
  • The storage companies offer packing services and options too.
  • The rent to be paid is calculated as per the space utilized.
  • The vehicles and other iron items like furniture, is protected from rust and scratches and the harsh weather conditions.


  • Although the self storage units are completely safe and under high security, but there may be risks too. You have to keep a check on your stored items every now and then to make sure it is safe.
  • Your stored goods can be spoilt due to natural calamities like floods and storms. Hence insure your goods with a reliable insurer or if the storage company offers insurance, you can consider that. However, you are responsible for your goods though they are stored with a storage company.
  • Self storage is normally quite affordable, but storing larger items for longer time, the rates increase if calculated yearly.
  • Your goods won’t be perfectly clean and maintained in a storage unit.
  • Travelling to check your goods often may not be convenient always though you are allowed to access your storage unit whenever you want to. But if you want to check your goods rather often, make sure to rent a storage unit close to your home.


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